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Wildlife Trail Camera - 18.6.2019

Hedgehog cam - Night of 17.6.2019


Little bit of early evening Hedgehog footage from the back garden.

One possibility for this little hungry guy is that 'she' is a hungry female, grabbing a quick bite to eat out away from a nest with hoglets ;-)

*Not all hedgehogs need rescuing ! If she has got young it would be an end for the hoglets if she were taken away!

Be sure before you 'rescue' an early evening hedgehog, especially at this time of year. If there are no signs of serious illness or injury it may be best to leave alone, and maybe just monitor it - if possible

(*Scroll down to see video footage)

Hedgehogs really appreciate fresh water. Put a bowl out! - they'll love it, and hopefully become regular visitors for you :)

Hope you enjoy the short clip!

**Click on the 'Watch on YouTube' link at the bottom of the video box, during playback, to open a higher resolution playback on YouTube.

. * YouTube above!!

Filmed with a Spypoint BF10-HD IR wildlife (modified) trail cam

As I'm sure you're aware, the UK hedgehog needs our help. Lost of habitat, including clean tidy gardens, less roadside hedgerows, and of course more and more development - meaning less green spaces, are all hitting our much loved little gardeners friend, the hedgehog, hard.

Why not try and do your own little bit for them. It's easy........cut an access hole in the bottom of a fence, leave a little water out, even just let a corner of your garden get messy. It all helps :)

My nightly offerings for the garden wildlife are: 'Spikes' Semi-moist hedgehog food, 'Ark wildlife' hedgehog food, and of course fresh bowl's of water :)

Please note: Do NOT feed mealworm. Mealworm, and even sunflower hearts, in large amounts contributes to Metabolic bone disease in hedgehogs.

Thank you...

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