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Wildlife Trail Camera - 25.6.2017

Hedgehog cam - Night of 24.6.2017

#hogblog - Harold and Jo's release!

How unlucky am I?......On both boxes the cameras were within their 10 second time reset period when both Jo, and Harold emerged! Aggrrr…..(that’s wildlife for you !! haha)

Anyway…..Both Jo and Harold came out of their respective hedgehog houses. Unfortunately for Harold, Jo was throwing her weight around at first after Harold had emerged, but both were seen later (at separate occasions!) wondering around.

Jo now has a pale mark now on her backside – courtesy of my summer house water-based paint, and Harold has a pale collar marking – again, courtesy of the same paint. Obviously, for future reference, Harold will only have one reflective eye – if and when he’s caught on camera, as he’s lost his left eye.

Here’s the out-takes of the nights events at the boxes (#hogblog below)

Briefly, it started with the box Jo was in. First we see Jo, secondly Johnno goes for a look in Jo’s new hedgehog box, and then I think Jo and Johnno have a scuttle……leaving Johnno to quietly have a nibble.

Switching to my neighbours camera, we then see Jo throwing her weight around Harold, then Harold shaking it all off (at the bottom of the screen) and going off for a wonder, finishing off with Jo sniffing around and wondering out of shot

Getting warm in the evenings now. Hedgehogs will need fresh water. Put a bowl out! - they'll really appreciate it :)

As I'm sure you're aware, the UK hedgehog needs our help. Lost of habitat, including clean tidy gardens, less roadside hedgerows, and of course more and more development - meaning less green spaces, are all hitting our much loved little gardeners friend, the hedgehog, hard.

Why not try and do your own little bit for them. It's easy........cut an access hole in the bottom of a fence, leave a little water out, even just let a corner of your garden get messy. It all helps :)

My nightly offerings: 'Spikes' Semi-moist hedgehog food, dried mealworm, peanuts and of course a fresh bowl of water :)

Filmed with a Spypoint BF10-HD IR wildlife (modified) trail cam

Hope you enjoy the short clip!

**Click on the 'Watch on YouTube' link at the bottom of the video box, during playback, to open a higher resolution playback on YouTube.

. * YouTube above!!

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