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Wildlife Trail Camera - 24.6.2017

Hedgehog cam - Night of 24.6.2017


Jo, the injured hedgehog that I rescued, has healed perfectly and passed a clean bill of health from the rescue facility, ran by Irene Thomson. This morning I went to Irene’s to collect her and bring her back for release – back into her home habitat.

I also collected a second hedgehog – Harold – who had unfortunately lost an eye. He’s fully healed now, but obviously completely blind on one side, so hopefully I’ll catch him on my wildlife trail camera and be able to monitor his progress.

Both Jo, and Harold are secured into their own hedgehog houses for now, to rest until the evening time, when I’ll unblock the doorways and allow them to wonder off into their habitat in their own time.

I must add a special thanks to Irene Thomson for her invaluable help and time that she devotes to hedgehog’s. You’re truly a star of the wildlife world Irene, and I hope to be able to continue to help when and where I can with your facility. Thank you

Here are some images of the hedgehogs being housed, with careful assistance from my daughter, Kyeeshia

Getting warm in the evenings now. Hedgehogs will need fresh water. Put a bowl out! - they'll really appreciate it :)

As I'm sure you're aware, the UK hedgehog needs our help. Lost of habitat, including clean tidy gardens, less roadside hedgerows, and of course more and more development - meaning less green spaces, are all hitting our much loved little gardeners friend, the hedgehog, hard.

Why not try and do your own little bit for them. It's easy........cut an access hole in the bottom of a fence, leave a little water out, even just let a corner of your garden get messy. It all helps :)

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