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Wildlife Trail Camera - 22.11.2016

Hedgehog cam - Night of 18th Nov 2016


Latest HOGBLOG footage from the garden hedgehog camera.

This hogblog is the second part of my footage - (Part II), which shows both hedgehogs, and then the little wood mouse at the end clearing around what's left from the hungry hedgehogs

Since this last hogblog, I've not caught any hedgehogs about in my camera. I'll keep putting out fresh food and water for a while longer yet, but I'm guessing that my hedgehogs will be tucking themselves in for winter now....maybe!? - we'll see :)

As usual, I feed a mix of 'Spikes' 'semi-moist' and 'Spikes' 'dry mix' hedgehog food, with a scattering of dried mealworm.

I also of course put out fresh water each night, across three locations under the trees.

Filmed with a Spypoint BF10-HD IR wildlife (modified) trail cam

Hope you enjoy the short clip!

**Click on the 'Watch on YouTube' link at the bottom of the video box, during playback, to open a higher resolution playback on YouTube.

. * YouTube above!!

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