• Brian Gort

Wildlife Trail Camera - 17.5.2016

WOOD MOUSE cam - Night of 16th May 2016

Latest footage from the garden hedgehog camera…...but featuring the wood mouse this time!

The usual wood mouse, and then a familiar morning magpie seem to clean up my hedgehog feeding point on a very regular basis… fact daily (or nightly!)

The wood mouse has been coming along to feed for a long time, and gets captured continually on my IR camera.

What I have noticed over time is the bravery of the wood mouse getting stronger and stronger.

Going back some time, it use to run in and out of shot like a flash, taking with it a prise of either a peanut or hedgehog food pellet. Now it seems quite content in sitting there drinking and eating – although staying very alert with its twitches, sniffs, and elevated lookouts.

A great little character to the garden

Filmed with a Spypoint BF10-HD IR wildlife (modified) trail cam

Hope you enjoy the short clip!

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