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Adjustable prop holder

Adjustable prop holder

This is my current idea in the making – my prototype as it were…

Having now spent my first 12 months on the garden bird project, trying to utilise various props and going through endless amounts of biodegradable garden twine fixing them in to position, I’ve tried to come up with a way of holding the props (branches and twigs etc.) in situ without the need of making them semi-permanent within my setups.

This is my first attempt, which I’ll be field testing throughout this coming year.

Basically it’s an old set of stainless steel Manfrotto tripod legs, with a stainless steel fully adjustable panoramic ‘L’ head fixed to them.

To the pano head I have secured three horizontally positioned tubes (of differing internal diameters), and a further three tubes to the upper part of the head. This not only allows me to simultaneously hold different branches, twigs, grasses, and other props, but also gives me full versatility on where I position them and at what height and angle I wish to have them displayed in relation to my feeders and camera position.

The tubes I used were clear acrylic plexiglas tube that I simply bought from ebay, and cut to length. I bought 6, 11 and 16mm internal diameters, which I would presume would cover most props, and I always have the option of wrapping a leaf around something, or chipping away to allow a tight fit within the tubes.

I’ve yet to properly fix the tubes and camouflage the complete devise, but will once I’m happy with its performance when in use.


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