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Garden props

Some of my garden setup props

Hi.. Not so much a blog this one, I guess, but more of quick post to illustrate some of the props that I have in the garden.

If you take a look at some of my images I’m sure you’ll recognise some of them.

All of my props have been collected on my travels to local woodlands and nature reserves, however, I should point out that I wouldn’t ever damage or break anything to obtain a prop, and certainly wouldn’t condone such action. All of my props have been simply lifted from the ground where they fell.

More often than not I simply tie the props in place, using biodegradable garden twine. That way I can easily change a prop as and when required.

Images below :)

twisted wood Perch.jpg
Teasel head setup.jpg
reflection pool setup.jpg
Moss branch perch.jpg

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