Adjustable prop holder

Adjustable prop holder This is my current idea in the making – my prototype as it were… Having now spent my first 12 months on the garden bird project, trying to utilise various props and going through endless amounts of biodegradable garden twine fixing them in to position, I’ve tried to come up with a way of holding the props (branches and twigs etc.) in situ without the need of making them semi-permanent within my setups. This is my first attempt, which I’ll be field testing throughout this coming year. Basically it’s an old set of stainless steel Manfrotto tripod legs, with a stainless steel fully adjustable panoramic ‘L’ head fixed to them. To the pano head I have secured three horizont

Brian Gort Wildlife and Cheshire Wildlife Trust - 2014

Cheshire Wildlife Trust news Riverside royalty snapped on the Mersey A rare wild otter has been captured on film on the river Mersey, once considered one of the most polluted rivers in the country. The stunning image was captured by local nature photographer Brian Gort on the river between Warrington and Lymm, and local nature charity the Cheshire Wildlife Trust says it shows the welcome and ongoing return of this iconic and secretive mammal to the North West.......... Follow the link below for the full story: Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Garden props

Some of my garden setup props Hi.. Not so much a blog this one, I guess, but more of quick post to illustrate some of the props that I have in the garden. If you take a look at some of my images I’m sure you’ll recognise some of them. All of my props have been collected on my travels to local woodlands and nature reserves, however, I should point out that I wouldn’t ever damage or break anything to obtain a prop, and certainly wouldn’t condone such action. All of my props have been simply lifted from the ground where they fell. More often than not I simply tie the props in place, using biodegradable garden twine. That way I can easily change a prop as and when required. Images below :)

First blog. Hi !!

OK. So this is the first blog on my website, in fact the first blog of my life! The entries to my blog will probably be somewhat sporadic, however what I’m intending to do is keep a rough diary of where, when and how my images come about so I can post them online and keep you up to date with my work in progress. As of this year (2015), I have a bird box with a live IR camera inside it which is in a tree near my feeder setups. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you up to date with that on the blog if and when anything nests in it. I also have a IR wildlife trail camera that can record both picture and video footage, which I’ll be adding to the blog… It'll be nice to see the diversity of wildlife

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